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build your own family legacy.

After a decade of developing this process, we are ready to help you discover your family purpose and build a culture around it.


We will teach you how to dig out your family's treasure, nurture what's growing, prune back what's not, and fill in the gaps with new, Rhema revelation for your family's future.


Every quarter we will meet in person and help guide each other through the pressures of establishing healthy family and legacy foundations.



We will guide you through the process of designing your own family sigil and motto, then we will create digital and print copies for you.

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Family sigils/mottos:

Why The Legacy Development Group?

You have a very specific call and purpose to your life, no one else is like you. You are also an extension of your family, so your call must have a connection to a greater family purpose. Our desire is to help you discover that greater family purpose. If you can identify the call of your family, then navigating your future (and the future of your children) becomes assisted by the voice of the family objective.

It's no secret that our culture has veered away from the values of collective family purpose. It's time to breathe life back into the ways of old where family culture was the presiding influence and a person's future was forecasted by the purpose of their houseEvery person should be empowered by the family directive because it brings understanding to how their unique gifts and talents can be utilized. Your lineage NEEDS you.

The Legacy Development Group is an intimate, exclusive group that gathers around a table once a quarter to celebrate each other's successes and empower each other through your greatest challenges as it pertains to building a family legacy and culture.

All of this, ultimately, is to help you identify the legacy you desire to create and breed a family culture for its manifestation!

Group Info & Guidelines

Our Vision
Our desire for this group is to revive an old structure where individuals were empowered by the family directive. We want to help you realize and agree with your own purpose as it pertains to your past, present and future.

We will curate a unique company of leaders each with specific & distinct talents, abilities, and views. This meeting-of-the-minds is meant to create an open forum setting that catalyzes inspiration, energy and momentum. We will

We don't expect you to "have it all together" to qualify, on the contrary. Our hope is to connect like-minded/similarly destined individuals who can sharpen one another as they launch into their next season of success.

What's Included
We currently have 1 group with openings. They
will meet once a quarter at JW Marriott Buckhead in Atlanta, GA.

Dates are as follows (but subject to change):

Group 1--Banyan

  • March 17-18
  • June 23-24
  • September 15-16
  • December 8-9

Group 2--Cypress


  • NEOS will provide dinner the first night, breakfast & lunch on meeting day.
  • Members are responsible for their own travel and lodging arrangements.
  • All members will have access to relevant group/mindset building tools and handouts via NEOS site.
  • Due to the delicate and intense nature of these meetings, unfortunately children are not able to attend the meeting or the Friday night dinner.

Weekend Format
The format for every meeting will be the same:

  • Friday night group dinner (included)
  • Saturday Meeting, all day (meals included)
  • Saturday dinner (optional, not included)

Meeting Format:

  • Breakfast
  • Teaching (from Mark or Kate Wilburn)
  • Honor Chairs for each member*
  • Lunch
  • Honor Chairs continued
  • Homework

*What is an honor chair? This process is the core development medium of the meetings. Its purpose is to bring to the surface what is ready to be refined in you. The process consists of 4 stages:

  • Challenge question (what's your challenge?)
  • Investigation (your peers learn more about it)
  • Guidance (your peers give you guidance to help solve the problem)
  • Personal commitment (what you commit to change in the coming quarter)

These meetings are emotionally charged, inspiring, and intensive; the level of vulnerability and feedback given by EVERY member will determine their level of success.

We will expect 100% participation and evidence of life implementation. Each member depends on the other. We want you to experience the greatest level of impact possible!

Because the value of the peer feedback is so weighty, this group is carefully curated. We keep in mind individual backgrounds and knowledge bases, how personalities may blend, and overall personal views of themselves and their future.

*This is why you should answer honestly and thoughtfully on your application.

Rule number one of Legacy Development Group one talks about Legacy Development Group (yes, that's a "Fight Club" reference).

Safety breeds vulnerability: what is shared in the group is sensitive and personal, and the integrity of the group relies on the discretion of its members.

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What Next?

Once you have submitted your application, we will review it in conjunction with the others.

We will accept a maximum of 9 applicants per group (couples count as one applicant; however, each spouse should submit their own separate application so both sets of answers can be considered).

*We thoughtfully consider each applicant & their compatibility with the group as a whole. If this group is not a fit now, one of our future groups will be.

You will be notified whether or not you have been selected for this year's group.

  • If you are NOT selected, please do not be discouraged, this will be a recurring group and you will have other exciting opportunities to join us for mindset building and community (they're in the works right now!).
  • With enough applicants we will open up a second Legacy Development Group into the year.
  • If you ARE selected, you will be emailed with your "next steps" which includes pay out instructions and pertinent information.


While we stand behind all of our products, we consider the Legacy Development Group in the premier echelon of our product offerings. This means that we know it has the potential to give you the highest value and greatest impact in many areas of your life.

It is not uncommon for our competitors to charge between $15,000 - $20,000 a year for a similar format. In fact, we have paid more than that ourselves. However, we believe in the purpose of this group and the changes it can bring to others. So, for now, we are starting pricing at $4,000/year.

Finally, we understand that many couples will want to create family legacy and culture together by walking this journey side-by-side, in-fact, we encourage it! Therefore, we've added a couple's ticket which offers a spouse discount.



  • Friday night dinner
  • Saturday morning breakfast
  • Saturday lunch
  • Live Meeting content
  • Personal Honor Chair
  • Development tools/handouts
  • Quarterly virtual group check-ins

$4000 (also offer payment plans)



  • Friday night dinner x2
  • Saturday morning breakfast x2
  • Saturday lunch x2
  • Live Meeting content
  • Personal Honor Chair (for each spouse)
  • Development tools/handouts (for each)
  • Quarterly virtual group check-ins

$6000 (also offer payment plans)

**Couples, please submit an application for each spouse.

Apply if you want to play a role in shaping someone else's family future.

This isn't just about YOUR destiny; others need your gifts! You're THAT important.

Apply Now

Are you interested in this journey, but can't apply for this opportunity? No worries! This is the first of MANY events we will have to help you re-discover your purpose within your family destiny. Sign up below to stay in the loop!

No matter what phase of life you are in, it's never too late to alter course.

We want to help you align with the future you dream of

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